Remote code execution risk due to unpatched gap in FTD and ASA
All versions of Cisco's Adaptive Security Appliance and Firepower Threat Defense software (ASA, FTD) have a vulnerability that, according to Cisco, poses a high security risk (CVSS v3 score 7.2). A simply authenticated, remote attacker could misuse them to execute arbitrary code with root rights on vulnerable devices on the Linux operating system (remote code execution).

Cisco has issued a security advisory on the vulnerability , but has not yet published any security updates; there is also no workaround.

The advisory shows that CVE-2019-15992 is in the interpreter implementation for the Lua scripting language and that the exploit is linked to the execution of a (malicious) Lua script. According to the CVSS v3 scoring, no user interaction is required and the attack complexity is low.

According to Cisco, the Adaptive Security Device Manager, the Cisco Security Manager and the Firepower Management Center or Management Center 1000 are not vulnerable.

Look out for updates and take precautionary measures
Even the DFN-CERT and security software maker Symantec warned in current safety information before CVE-2019-15992. The latter advises restricting device access to trustworthy networks or IP addresses, using a network intrusion detection system and implementing memory protection mechanisms as well as blocking / not executing code from unknown / untrustworthy sources.

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No one imagined that the once creepy chaos of cyberspace would become so necessary, so necessary in life, even those whose existence they were previously unaware of. In the age of the virus, millions of people around the world ... are crowded into the virtual reality of the computer to keep in touch with the outside world.

Computers, cameras, microphones have entered our lives rapidly and much more dynamically and for these items there is now a shortage in the market. The foresighted and perhaps more relevant to the valuable services of technology, sought out the solutions in time and found them. Those who were late are still running. In the Greek market, there is no computer camera even for a sample. Last month, orders for the main supplier, China, multiplied, but what can the Chinese do for you? They are still fighting the virus.

"From my contacts with my customers, I estimate that at the moment in the Greek market the demand exceeds 300,000 cameras. The big stores have dried up and the technicians are trying to serve our customers with material that we order from abroad. But, as you can see, the computer camera is now a lifetime accessory for almost the entire planet. Corresponding to our shortage is observed in the countries - suppliers, where also fights with the virus are evolving "explains to the Athenian-Macedonian News Agency the programmer, computer technician, Costas Poultourtzidis.

Laptops, with built-in cameras, are a solution, which however is not suitable for all requirements. Teachers who have laptops can not easily cope with the requirements of ... distance learning, as they need rotating cameras for better communication with students. After all, laptops are considered a luxury accessory of just the last decade with an audience of users, which focuses mainly on business.

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