ne of these conditions is known as the operating certificate requirement. Computer technician salaries generally receive a set salary as beginners, depending on the “Procedures and Principles to be Applied for First-Time Employers” regulation.

New Alumni Computer Technician Salary

The institution where a newly graduated technician works is directly related to the salary he will receive. For example, a technician who has no work experience in the private sector is started with a minimum wage. However, the salary difference is also observed in development stages such as premiums and merits in the profession. In addition, a newcomer in public institutions generally starts working with salaries ranging from 3.500 to 3750 TL. For these reasons, technician salaries vary from institution to institution depending on whether the person is experienced or not.

Experienced Computer Technician Salary in the Private Sector

There is a phrase among the public that he has done a doctorate on the computer. These people generally agree to work as a technician in the private sector, as career steps in the private sector and salary differences will be many times higher than the salaries of the government agencies. In this case, it is also seen that there are technicians who receive salaries over the level of public employees in terms of computer technician salaries on behalf of technician .

Turkey's leading company in the salaries earned by employees $ 10,000 technicians and more easily understood if thought to be what is desired to be called up. For all these reasons, experienced technicians who prefer a comprehensive private sector that they can develop themselves can receive different amounts of pensions. This is very important for them to show how high their computer salaries are. This issue also shows that the salaries of technician vary according to the success rate in professional merit.

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