The SonicWall Network Security (NSA) series of Appliances provides a suite of advanced threat prevention features to midsize businesses. Powered by innovative deep learning technologies in the SonicWall Capture cloud platform, the NSA Series provides automated detection and blocking of attacks in real time.

NSA-series NGFWs feature two key security technologies that provide a strong barrier against cyber attacks. Advanced Threat Protection Multiprocessor Service (ATP) is SonicWall's proprietary Real-Time Deep Memory Inspection (RTDMI) technology. The RTDMI engine actively detects and blocks massive and zero-day threats, as well as unknown malware, by scanning directly in memory. With its real-time architecture, SonicWall RTDMI technology minimizes false positives and detects and mitigates sophisticated attacks when malware attacks are less than 100 nanoseconds long. In addition, SonicWall's patented Single Pass Deep Packet Inspection (RFDPI) engine inspects every byte of inbound and outbound traffic.

In addition, SonicWall's NGFW firewalls provide an additional layer of security by fully decrypting and verifying encrypted TLS / SSL and SSH connections regardless of port or protocol. The firewall scans every packet (header and data) carefully, looking for protocol mismatches, threats, zero days, intrusions, and even specific criteria. The deep packet inspection engine detects and prevents hidden attacks that use cryptography, blocks encrypted malware downloads, stops the spread of infections, and prevents communication between the infected computer and the control center. Inclusion and exclusion rules give you complete control over

When enterprises enable deep packet inspection features in their firewalls, such as IPS, antivirus, anti-spyware, TLS / SSL decryption/inspection, and others, network performance is usually degraded, sometimes dramatically. However, the NSA series firewalls are built on a multi-core architecture that uses specialized microprocessors. Combined with RTDMI and RFDPI modules, this architecture eliminates performance degradation in network systems.

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