The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), this protocol has its weak point and capacity, since it can be manipulated in an easy way. It is due to the fact that when a client makes a discretionary call to the DHCP servers, it would be easy for an attacker to enter the network, if they have access to all of them.

It is a server that tries to get ahead with the responses to the original server and succeeds, sending all the manipulated parameters. If it does not send any link, it can place one on the client's network or respond to all requests. Where the attacker could start on the network without any problem.

Another case, but more dramatic, would be to try to get into the router with the use of false data. Placing them on the gateway and DNS, where you can copy or divert all the information to another network. The use of this attack has no purpose as mentioned in the previous one, which causes the network to crash.

advantages of DHCP
DHCP is always activated by default in any router that is distributed by telecommunications operators. The protocol, as mentioned above, has the ability to dynamically assign IP addresses to all devices that connect to a network via Wifi or Ethernet cable.

Having this protocol activated has some advantages, one of them is the time it saves you in configuring the network. Therefore, the connection and disconnection of the equipment will be done automatically, without having to configure the IP addresses manually. It also offers another advantage, it simplifies the entire network setup.

This happens if users connect the network cable or only connecting to the wifi network. This will not need any knowledge to make the IP address assignments work on its own, when you want it to.

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