A field engineer goes out into the field (which means heading to see clients) to work out what's going on with a bit of gear and how to fix it.

What kind of work is included?

Testing gear to perceive what is and isn't working.

Working out what the issue is, which may include dismantling the machine.

Utilizing your electrical abilities to fix any issues nearby, if conceivable.

What aptitudes do I need?

Critical thinking.

Autonomy, as you might be out in the field all alone.

However, you'll actually require cooperation abilities, as certain positions may include working with another partner on an issue.

Great commonsense aptitudes, as the activity is a lot of active.

Information on how electrical circuits work and the capacity to comprehend circuit charts.

What capabilities do I need?

GCSE maths and English.

What hours would I work?

As a rule, you'd work 9-5 from Monday to Friday, in spite of the fact that you may need to show up on Saturday or Sunday in a move framework.

Where might I work?

Anyplace that has electrical gear, along these lines, well, anyplace! Coca-Cola European Partners' Operations Center is in Milton Keynes, however they have engineers based over the UK, prepared to react to calls from all aspects of Britain.

What amount would I get paid?

A beginning compensation would be in the district of £14,500, while an accomplished field architect could be getting £30,000.

Would i be able to accomplish work insight?

Just on the off chance that you are 18 or more established for this job.

By what means may the activity change later on?

Albeit new innovation assists with giving a field engineer more methods of testing flaws, it's improbable that robots will actually totally assume control over the activity any time soon, as the scope of deficiencies and fixes would be hard for a robot to manage.

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As a Field Engineer , you'll be engaged with all aspects of our business. From procuring fundamental information to arranging long haul well turn of events, you'll put together, run, and report tasks in the field climate and help pros and different Engineers with key choices. Your preparation will be active as you find out about the energy business and become a specialist in the different instruments and administrations in your business line. You'll be approached to get familiar with a great deal rapidly, and you'll be given obligation and backing to have your effect and begin turning into a pioneer in our business.


Perform activities, work gear, and be responsible for group wellsite execution, before the finish of your preparation

Oversee field activities, including designing plan, support, work arranging, and operational announcing

Get familiar with the well development measure and comprehend the function of various assistance organizations

Backing designers and experts on location and help with basic obligations, for example, hazard investigation

Successfully deal with a group as well as cycles inside a year

Help plan wellsite reports and post-work debriefings

Effectively add to constant improvement culture—over the business


Single man's or Master's certificate in designing or related science

Great verbal and composed relational abilities

Familiarity with composed and communicated in English

Brisk student ready to utilize rationale to tackle issues

Be actually dedicated to persistent improvement

Proof of administration and cooperation aptitudes

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