Solution Architecture

Endeavor arrangement design ought not be mistaken for different sorts of arrangement engineering. It is about big business grade arrangements like ERP, CRM, or other. The principle targets of big business arrangements are to support deals, deal with the business all the more viably, help advertising, help profitability, upgrade client connections. They incorporate various sorts of uses, for example, follows:




Business Intelligence

Undertaking Mobility

Undertaking System Integration

Undertaking Management

Gracefully Chain Management


Here is a case of big business arrangement designer jobs and duties decided part of a set of working responsibilities gave by Griffith University:

Talk with leader the executives and operational staff from doled out customer zones on business needs, data and specialized framework necessities and openings.

Help program and ensuing undertaking staff in the turn of events and usage of design expectations that bring about upgraded business/IT arrangement and drive selection and incentive from the University's venture engineering activities.

what do solutions architects do Get ready, as required, arranging archives, recommendations, and reports for the different University Committees and Advisory Groups.

Explore new advances, instruments, and techniques for significance to data and specialized frameworks; recognize chances to utilize new innovation to tackle issues and improve administrations.

As a senior individual from a program group helps the Program Manager in required parts of program conveyance.

Aides devoted Solution Architects inside resulting project(s) to guarantee consistency with the Program architecture(s)

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